Home Improvement Tips – Painting Interior Trim


Choosing the right brushes and working in a systematic fashion are the keys to a quality trim paint job.

Painting interior trim is no different than painting any other kind of wood. Start by sanding it until it is smooth and then apply primer.


When the primer is dry, sand the trim again lightly using 150-grit sandpaper; this will smooth any grain that was raised by the primer.

Then apply the first coat. If you’ll be applying additional coats, allow the first coat to dry, sand with 220- grit sandpaper, rub with a tack cloth to remove the dust, and then apply another coat.

Choosing the Right Paint & Brushes

Alkyd (solvent-based) paints were once preferred because of their high-quality finish, adhesion, and how well they stood up to abuse, but today’s acrylics are now preferred for several reasons: Their look and durability are comparable, they are easy to apply and clean up, they are kinder to the environment, and they pose a lesser health hazard because their fumes are less noxious.


When choosing paint for trim, be sure to pick either a satin or a gloss finish. This type of finish gives the trim a shiny quality that will help it stand out against wallpapered or flat-finished walls. In addition to its increased durability, enamel paint also makes a surface more washable.


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