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Cleaning Lincoln Park gutters can be an annoying hassle, and even with the right information, it can still get messy.  You need Chicago’s top gutter cleaning and gutter repair crew. We have the experience it takes to help clean your gutters and keep them in tip top shape.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your home’s gutters and downspouts is about more than simply keeping the exterior of your home looking nice. It may prevent damage to your home’s interior due to flooding through the foundation and walls or leaks in the roof due to seepage of water.


Lincoln Park Gutter Cleaning Tips 

Fall is coming up and its time to start thinking about cleaning out your gutters!  Below are some gutter cleaning tips from our Chicago Gutter Cleaning blog. If you need any kind of gutter cleaning or gutter repair service, contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

  • Unclog The Downspouts

—> Make sure the downspouts are clear. After all the gutters are cleaned out, run the water hose down the downspout at full pressure.

If the water backs up out of the top, a clog is present. Normally, it can be unclogged by tapping on the side of the downspout.

Otherwise, the clog may move to the underground drain.

Gutter may refer to:

  • Rain gutter, a narrow trough or duct which collects rainwater from the roof of a building and diverts it away from the structure, typically into a drain
  • Street gutter, a depression which runs alongside a city street, usually at the curb and diverts rain and street-cleaning water away from the street and into a storm drain


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