5 Major Steps of Chicago Exterior Painting

Steps Involved with Chicago Exterior Painting Project

Painting the exterior of your home is a complex job. It involves reorganization of your furniture and in general is based on a theme.  If you are looking for an exterior painting job in Chicago, you should know the major steps that are involved in painting your Chicago area home.


#1- Removing Mold, Mildew And Dirt

The exterior part of your house or building is directly facing the outside weather, which makes it accumulate dirt faster. Obviously, the dirt should be removed  and the first steps in removing it from the exterior surface is the mold, mildew and dirt removal.

#2- Pressure Washing

After the exterior part is properly cleaned and dirt is removed, the next process involves pressure washing. In a nutshell, it is a cleaning process that leverages a high pressure water onto the wall which hydrates the surface and scrubs it down.

#3- Caulking

In the process of pressure washing, water can seep in through any of the damages and open joints within the building. That is why caulking is considered as a vital process to ensure that there are no damages and/or joints on the exterior. Also, caulking is an essential process in exterior painting in Chicago, simply because water affects the quality of exterior painting.

#4- Paints And Stain Application

This is the actual process of exterior painting. However, it does not only limit itself to painting and applying stains, but also consulting about the color or color shade of the exterior painting. A top quality exterior painting contractor in Chicago will always listen to your needs and go ahead with your choice by applying the chosen paint.

#5- Weather Protection Coatings

Once the process of exterior painting is completed and the paint has dried up completely, applying coatings is a must. In order to ensure that the work will withstand any weather, quality protection coatings are applied to the surface where the painting and stains are applied.

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