Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

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The job above included many facets of home improvement work. To do a complete remodel of a bathroom there needs to be knowledge in areas of plumbing, demolition, tile work, drywall, electrical,painting and final trim work(carpentry). That is not including all the incidentals like towel bars ,mirror ,vanities shower heads etc.. This is where a general contractor comes in very handy because he either possesses the skills required to complete this type of project or has the connections(sub-contractors) who can seamlessly come on to the project to perform certain portions of this job. A Clean Look has these attributes  and can handle your bathroom remodel work.

The key is getting the work done properly and within a reasonable time frame so that disruption in the home is kept to a minimal. Because some work naturally follows other projects i.e. your not painting before you demo the bathroom. Your not tiling until rough plumbing is completed . Having said that the point is that within a bathroom remodel project you have smaller task lists within each trade to complete as the process unfolds. The main focus should be on getting it right the first time with the functionality that you need from the space that you have. Good luck and don\’t forget that the planning is very critical to the final outcome of your project.

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