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Water damage inside of a home can be caused by a variety of different sources. Regular inspection of the exterior of your home\’s roofing , gutters, brick or siding, chimney and foundation are the first areas to have inspected to see if there is any vulnerability to water intrusion. On the interior of your home water damage on drywall is a telling sign of leaking water pipes, drainage lines and hot water heating tanks that have failed. The site of any water staining/plaster powdering directly under bathrooms ,kitchens and any utility rooms that have a water source or a hot water heater/ ac unit should be quickly assessed and repaired to avoid any further damage inside your home. In bathrooms check tile grout lines in tile and the caulking around your bath tub and shower.Toilet wax rings generally need to be changed out every 3 to 5 years. When not changed out they can be the cause of water leaks (damage to drywall, tile , plywood sub floor etc.) . They will also emit a foul sewer smelling gas when the seal that wax ring created is gone. In your kitchen check supply lines and drain lines for leakage every month or two. Sometimes it only takes a small drip to continue for weeks unnoticed to cause significant damage. Check supply and drain lines to your dishwasher for any leakage as well. Hope these tips help out.

Any signs of water leakage call a professional general contractor that can handle repairs inside & outside of your home

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