Chicago Home Improvement Tips 2017

Chicago Contractor Tips – 2017

NOW is always the best time to make home improvement changes or interior design upheavals – for a renewed appreciation for your house.


Here are some cost-efficient ways you can improve the conditions in your home and help you feel as though you have a new home.

FIX what is broken, replace what is inefficient and throw away the unnecessary. This is very basic, yet most of the problems people encounter in their homes is the cause of either one (or all) of these three things. How often have you been putting off the repair of that leaky faucet, or that broken porch step? Remember that the longer you put off some repairs, like a broken water pipe, the more money you waste on unnecessary water consumption. And it’s not a great idea to start a year by wasting cash which you can use for other more aesthetic home improvement projects. That loose porch step might be the cause of a bad accident, so the longer you procrastinate, the more loose it becomes, and the higher the risk of falling and breaking your foot. If you have other inefficient things around the house, like that electric iron which takes so long to heat up, then replace it as soon as possible. Doing so might save your house from burning down, or it can also help you conserve a lot on your next power bill. Replace the 80’s-era desktop with a more efficient and power-saving high tech laptop. Don’t throw away old things which can still be used, though. Give them to charity. Your junk may be another man’s treasure.

CLEAN, clean clean!! Oftentimes, the value of one’s home greatly depreciates when it is constantly dirty. Dirt destroys paint and deteriorates wood. Dirt encourages bugs to multiply, and may be “heaven” to roaches and rats. Don’t encourage other unwelcome beings into your home by putting off the general house cleaning. Keep your surroundings spick and span – daily, if possible. Remember that the longer you postpone the scrubbing and the cleaning, the harder it becomes to thoroughly get it sparkling. Vacuum the most hard-to-reach places including your furniture. Not only will you feel better, it prevents any type of germs to cultivate in places where they should never be. If you find yourself itching and scratching, or if your child has been sneezing or coughing more often than necessary, then it may be caused by dust and mold. If you feel that you have thoroughly scrubbed the surroundings clean, and yet continue experiencing health symptoms, then it’s time to call the experts. Have a mold specialist and a bug and pest control service check on your home. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Besides, years from now, when you decide to sell your house and move to your dream mansion, every bit of cleanliness done today will contribute heaps to the higher re-sale value of your house ten years from now.

APPLY a fresh coat of paint, re-arrange furniture and replace bed sheets, seat covers and curtains. All these things are the most inexpensive ways to help you feel as though you’re in a brand new home. Don’t you find that changing your paint color helps revitalize your home, and keep it looking fresh and clean? Of course, prior to doing this, you need to do the first 2 tips stated above, but painting does not cost much – and you can do it yourself, too! It’s a great feeling scouting around for a new color at the home improvement store, then getting down and dirty in your overalls and roller-brush the walls yourself. Not only do you have a spanking-new looking home, you feel a lot of satisfaction by remembering that you did it yourself. You’ll have a renewed appreciation for your space. Next, re-arrange your furniture to get a new perspective. Change the seat covers, so that it matches your newly-painted walls. In your bedroom, change the sheets in colors or prints that are new to you. Sheets are not too expensive – plus they’re washable and reusable too. All of these changes combined will not only bring a fresh new look in your home, you’ll feel like you transferred to a better version of your old one too.


You don’t really need to be an expert to make improvements in your home. If you notice, the home improvement shows on television merely clean and enhance their target homes. You can do that, too. But whatever it is you decide to do, remember that every bit of care you put in today, right now, this very minute into your house will greatly affect its market value and beauty.

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