Top 10 Reasons to consider Us For Your Next Painting Job

Top 10 Reasons to consider A Clean Look for your next painting job


  1. We have been in the painting business since 1991 providing commercial and residential services
  2. Reasonable rates for quality work
  3. We carry  contractors liability insurance and workmen’s comp insurance each client upon request will be give certificate of Insurance
  4. A Clean Look is a licensed home repair contractor in the City of Chicago
  5. We specialize in painting but can provide many other services i.e. carpentry tiling drywall kitchens and baths ECT.
  6. Daily site clean up of all painting equipment being used in your home or office as well as supervision of quality and promptness of work being completed
  7. Surface Preparation – scraping of all loose paint priming of all bare wood and metal surfaces high quality primers and sealers will be used wire wheel sanding belt sanding emery cloth on wrought iron work drywall repairs plaster repairs on any interior work
  8. We will provide references of our work to show our commitment to your project
  9. All workers will be respectful of your property while working to improve its overall beauty and durability for years to come
  10. Once we have committed to work on your project  we will follow a  daily  schedule  established at the contract signing phase and will adhere to this schedule (with the exception of rain or cold) to complete your project in a timely manner.